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Print Reigns for Marketing Purposes

It’s experiential, tactile. As long as humans have hands, print will have value. It needs no batteries, no internet access, no memory storage. It never has to be recharged. It can be seen without downloading an app or special reader. It can be shared with a simple pass of the hand, no updates required. It is private, independent; no one can track what you read and hound you with unwanted solicitations. It is considered more credible as a marketing tool than any digital medium by GEN Y (35yrs and under) according to a

2011 Nielsen Survey. Wait, hold it right there. A credible marketing tool? Really? The answer is a resounding yes.

There is a lot of incoming hype and noise to distract us these days. In fact, it is estimated between email, text, readers, and social media, that the average adult is served a new marketing message no less than 15 times per hour. Meaning, we humans have grown numb to constant digital input. This doesn't mean that digital is useless by any means, it is obviously a vibrant and growing marketing medium. But what is interesting is the unintended impact this constant influx of digital messaging has had on print media. Print, especially print delivered in the mail, now has more credibility. It is perceived as having greater value, as requiring more forethought, and is seeing an increase in customer levels of engagement. If you are looking at a marketing campaign for your business, consider what print can do for you in this fast paced digital world.

We can help you determine how to best reach your targeted audiences with an array of printed materials and unique, cost-saving ideas. We are not in the business of belittling digital media, as we often help clients find their niche online as well. We simply know how to help our clients make the most of print. We also have some of the most cost friendly solutions. Give us a call, 866-444-4566, if you want to talk about leveraging print to get your message to your targeted audience.

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